Personal Finance 101

In Personal Finance, you begin to learn how you and your family earn, spend, budget, and save money. These are the core components to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your financial life.

Credit 101

The Credit section will help you understand how lenders use your credit history to determine your credit worthiness. You’ll learn about credit reports and scores, and how to rebuild, maintain, and protect your credit.

Debt 101

Our Debt area is a crash course in most common types of debt. We review how debt affects your credit, the best ways to manage your debt, and ways to overcome debt related financial crisis.

Bankruptcy 101

The Bankruptcy section is a complete overview of the two main types of bankruptcy. You’ll learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each, as well types of alternatives to bankruptcy that are available to consumers.

Home Ownership 101

In Homeownership, we break down the main components of owning a home. We cover the pros and cons of this long term investment as well as what it takes to qualify for and afford a mortgage.

Retirement 101

The Retirement area covers the most important aspects of long term savings. You’ll learn about preparing for the different areas of retirement, including social security, savings, medical care, and estate planning.